Brooke Condolora is a narrative illustrator and game developer telling stories from the top of an old mill in the Ozarks.

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  • Brooke Condolora is an American illustrator and game developer whose work is characterized by its clean, graphic style and visual restraint, guided by a background in logo design and a taste for minimalism.

    She and her husband David are Brain&Brain, indie game developers who recently released their second game, Burly Men at Sea. Together, they seek out quiet adventure, like backpacking across the West on the California Zephyr or traveling the country as nomads and erstwhile farmhands. Oliver the cairn terrier accompanies them on all dog-friendly escapades.

    Brooke grew up on a farm outside a small town in Arkansas, barefoot and usually armed with a slingshot. Scattered inside her toy box were drawings, unfinished stories, and an illustrated chainsaw catalog. Prophetically, her mother saved the first two and threw away the latter.

    For a few years, she worked as a freelance graphic designer and web developer, then switched gears in early 2012 to develop a line of hand-printed products called Idle Mouse. Soon after, she and David began work on their first game and discovered a deep, shared love for the medium. She now splits her time between game development and illustration.

  • Brooke is currently unavailable for commission but would love to hear from you.