Wooden Nickel

Frontier Adventure Game

Wooden Nickel is a frontier adventure set in the great, remorseless Old West. In this game, our third as Brain&Brain, we continue to experiment with storytelling: this time through the lens of an interactive, animated newspaper that responds to your part in its story.

Though we've since had to put the game's development on hold, you can download a free demo to play a portion of it.


Art, Animation, Game Design, UI Design, Additional Story

In-game map of the town and surrounding area.

The newspaper UI used for navigation.

Dialogue in a narrative scene.

For dialogue-based choices, I designed a slider that maps to the movement of the joystick on a gamepad.

Skull variant of the choice slider.

Ad illustrations animate when highlighted.

Animating the clean but detailed line art style we'd set for the game was a fun challenge.

Icons for player interaction.

Hand-lettered logo for the game.

For our booth at PAX West 2019, I built and wood-burned a weathered town sign.

Jackalope bandanas, featuring art from the game. (Sold out, sorry!)