Adventure Game

Doggins is a quiet little adventure game about a terrier, time travel, and a villainous monocled squirrel. The game plays like a classic point-and-click adventure, but with solely visual and environmental storytelling. Players explore the moon as a curious terrier, sniff things, and unravel a plot to sabotage the history of human invention.

The first game my husband and I developed as Brain&Brain, Doggins was released in March 2014 and picked up nominations for SXSW's first Gamer's Voice Award and for Best Mobile Game (Indie Prize).

Available now for iOS and Android!


Art, Animation, Story, Game Design, UI Design

Textures were printed by hand on paper, then scanned and re-colored digitally to create the feel of a 1950's sci-fi screen print.

Walk cycle for the main character. Nearly every animation in the game was drawn frame-by-frame.

I tried a different approach than other adventure games with a set of unified inventory icons designed for touch input.

The start menu frames the story as a dream. On start, Doggins climbs into bed to sleep. On exit, he remains dreaming in bed.